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Khonsu's Wall


Khonsu, I can't figure out whether I'm the god of the moon or you are.

It's ancient Egypt, bro. We can both be moon gods. It's a big piece of rock, after all. We'll work together.

likes this.


Hey baby, what's up? Just checking that you took your vitamins this morning.

Mom! I'm old enough to remember!

You're never too old to take Vitamin D, kiddo.

is still annoyed that Thoth beat him at that board game.

It's not my fault that you bet a portion of moonlight in the game we played. I won the game fair and square. At the end, I got the moonlight.

You didn't have to put it in your crown! I feel like you're mocking me whenever I see you.

Well, if you didn't want the moon to shine more dimly sometimes, you shouldn't have bet anything.

dumped a barrel of figs on Khonsu.

is getting ready for the Opet Festival!


What's that?

Oh, Tut, you're so naïve and young. During this big party, my statue, along with those of my parents, Amun and Mut, travel from Karnak to Luxor.


Sounds like fun. I'll come this year.

You might not recognize me: I'll be all dolled up!


Hey there. How's it going? Wanna grab a drink later?

I appreciate the compliments, Hattie, but I'm a bit young—or old, depending on how I'm portrayed in statuary—for you.


likes this.

is getting ready for the big lunar eclipse party.

Are you gonna moon everyone? Ha, ha.

It'll be full moon, bro, in more ways than one.


Let's play a game of Scrabble. I've been dying to show my word skills.

What if I win, though? You're the god of the sun—you can burn me to a crisp if you're unhappy.


I'll keep myself under control. I promise.

I challenge you to a game of cards.

Not tonight, bro. I have a date with destiny—or is that the goddess of destiny? Wait… I thought I helped control destiny.

Our pantheon's pretty complicated. I can't blame you for getting mixed up.

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