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Life of Pi

Life of Pi


by Yann Martel

Life of Pi Resources


Yann Martel Bio

A brief biography of Martel from The Canadian Encyclopedia.

University of Toronto Religious Studies Page

In case you want to study Religion like your hero Pi.

University of Toronto Zoology Page

In case you want to study Zoology like your hero Pi.

Movie or TV Productions

He's on a Boat

Tobey Maguire as Pi? Yes, please.


"How I Wrote Life of Pi"

The definitive and controversial essay by Yann Martel.

"May Richard Parker Always Be at Your Side"

Things get tense in this Guardian Q&A with Yann Martel.

Yann Martel Interview with Jennie Renton

Yann Martel reveals why he chose the title.

"Conversation: Life of Pi" by Ray Suarez

A 2002 NewsHour interview with Yann Martel.

"Credulity" by James Wood

Excellent review by the eminent James Wood in the London Review of Books.

"Everything is Best" by Phoebe Kate Foster

Zen koans, Kierkegaard, Einstein – it's all here in the PopMatters review of the novel.

"Tiger in a Lifeboat, Panther in a Lifeboat: A Furor Over a Novel" by Larry Rohter

The plagiarism controversy. Includes some details on Moacyr Scliar's 1981 novel.

Surviving 289 Days at Sea? For Real?

A 2007 article on three men who claim to have survived 289 days stranded at sea (that's longer than Pi!). Here's the tagline for the story: "They claim to have survived for 289 days at sea, but, four months on, the awe-inspiring tale of the Mexican fishermen looks less like a miracle and more like an elaborate hoax." Check out how this story brings religion into the mix. What would Pi think?


Mojo.com Interview with Martel

Wide-ranging interview. Very stylish.

The Standard Interviews Martel

Generous interview in three parts.

Readings and Discussion Panels

Yann Martel reads from Life of Pi and discusses the book at the 2003 Prague Writers' Festival. Six clips.


Interview with Yann Martel

Terrific, illuminating interview with Martel on Life of Pi.

Radio Praha Interview with Yann Martel

Some jaunty intro music. From the Prague Writers' Festival.


Selections from Life of Pi: Deluxe Illustrated Edition

Eleven illustrations from Tomislav Torjanac's collaboration with Yann Martel.

Gandhi Statue in Pondicherry, India

On the shore in Pondicherry.

What a Solar Still Looks Like and How It Works

Nifty things, those solar stills.

What a Sea Anchor Looks Like

And we thought it was a heavy, iron thing...

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