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Little Bee (The Other Hand)

Little Bee (The Other Hand)


by Chris Cleave

Little Bee (The Other Hand) Resources


Author Website

Chris Cleave's official website. This links to the section on Little Bee.

Postcolonial Web

This website will help round out your reading list. It features literature for and about the experiences of people from former colonies.

Babawilly's Dictionary of Pidgin English Words and Phrases

If you are interested in learning more about Nigerian English, the English that Little Bee speaks before she comes to England, check out this site.

"Down With the Kids"

Want to read Chris Cleave's take on parenting? Check out this archive of his parenting column in The Guardian.

Movie or TV Productions

"Nicole Kidman Adopts A Little Bee"

Rumor has it that Nicole Kidman will play Sarah in the film version of the novel, to be produced by the BBC.


An Interview with Cleave

Lots of answers to questions that you too might have about the novel.

"That Won't Do!"

Maybe you were curious about the headline Little Bee sees, "ASYLUM SEEKERS EATING OUR SWANS" (1.116). If so, you'll want to read the story behind the story, in Chris Cleave's interview with Bob Hughes.

"Africa on the Doorstep"

<em>The Guardian</em> (where author Chris Cleave happens to work) reviews the novel under its UK title, <em>The Other Hand.</em>

Another Review

This one is from <em>The Telegraph</em>.

"A Beach Vacation Goes Horribly Awry"

A review from <em>The Washington Post</em>.

"Exit Wounds"

A review from <em>The New York Times</em>.


"Meet Chris Cleave"

Cleave shows his love for London and talks about how <em>Little Bee</em> came to be.

"Little Bee Gets Big Buzz"

Check out Chris Cleave on <em>The Early Show.</em>


An Audio Book

A sample of the audio book version of <em>Little Bee</em> is available here for you to sample.


The Author

Wow, Chris Cleave's shirt is just the color of his eyes.

A Nice Book Cover

This cover is pretty complicated, covered in stamps like a passport.

Another Cover

This orange and black cover features the profile of a woman, probably Little Bee.

The Other Hand

A book cover with the alternative title, <em>The Other Hand.</em> This cover focuses on Charlie.

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