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State standards alignment

Your state is a beautiful, unique snowflake with its own needs, standards, and graduation requirements. Shmoop is a beautiful, unique snowflake too, but we’re happy to ignore that irony in order to help you plow through the legal mandates and escape to warmer educational climates (oh, and better test scores).

Oh beautiful, for spacious Shmoop...

Serving all 50 states

We are proud to provide digital learning solutions to students, teachers, schools, and districts across the United States (and beyond)--so proud that we have our results published for the world to see!

Shmoop is always expanding our state-specific resources as we grow our district and state partnerships. Contact us for more information on how Shmoop can help you with our state-specific solutions


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How we help

 State assessments

  • State assessments
    Though the ghosts of Common Core still haunt many states’ standards, the days of a common assessment are long gone. But that's okay, because Shmoop’'s award-winning test prep is here to help students leap over every state's hurdle, no matter how high.
  • College readiness
    Maybe your state requires students to take the ACT, or maybe the SAT stands atop the pile with a #2 pencil thrust into the sky. Or maybe, your in-state universities require a separate gauntlet before they will open the gates. Whatever the case, Shmoop will act as your wizened guide (and we won't even need to sacrifice ourselves at the end of Act 2!).
  • Individual needs
    Need something specific to your state? We’ve likely got you covered. Of course a beautiful, unique snowflake is going to have unique needs, so we'll connect you with our wide-ranging resources. How can we do all of that? We are large. We contain multitudes..

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