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Love's Labour's Lost Quotes

Find the perfect quote to float your boat. Shmoop breaks down key quotations from Love's Labour's Lost.

Love Quotes

ARMADOBoy, what sign is it when a man of great spirit BOYA great sign, sir, that he will look sad. (1.2.1-3)

Education Quotes

KINGOur court shall be a little academe (1.1.13)

Cunning and Cleverness Quotes

KINGA man in all the world's new fashion planted, That hath a mint of phrases in his brain; One who the music of his own vain tongue Doth ravish like enchanting harmony… (1.1.168-171)

Literature and Writing Quotes

ARMADOAssist me, some extemporal god of rhyme, for I am sure I shall turn sonnet. Devise wit, write pen, for I am for whole volumes in folio. (1.2.183-185)

Sex Quotes

BEROWNEBut there are other strict observances: As not to see a woman in that term, Which I hope well is not enrollèd there; (1.1.37-39)

Principles Quotes

DUMAINThe grosser manner of these world's delights He throws upon the gross world's baser slaves. (1.1.30-31)

Men and Masculinity Quotes

KINGYou three, Berowne, Dumain, and Longaville, Have sworn for three years' term to live with me, My fellow-scholars... (1.1.15-17)

Women and Femininity Quotes

BEROWNE, readsItem, That no woman shall come within a mile of my court. Hath this been proclaimed? LONGAVILLEFour days ago. BEROWNELet's see the penalty.  [Reads]  On pain of losing her t...

Man and the Natural World Quotes

BEROWNEThe spring is near when green geese are a-breeding. (1.1.99)

Time Quotes

KINGWhen, spite of cormorant devouring time, Th' endeavor of this present breath may buy That honor which shall bate his scythe's keen edge And make us heirs of all eternity. (1.1.4-7)

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