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Manannán mac Lir's Wall


is watching the hotties in California sunbathe. I'm a lucky dude to be the god of the sea.


You're kinda pervy, you know that? What would Fand say if she knew?


I have a Facebook profile. I know my husband's not always the most faithful, but neither am I.


Hello, sir. My name's Oisin. I'm the son of the hero Finn. Would I be able to marry your daughter Niamh?

Are you serious? You're asking me right here if you can marry my daughter? What happened to asking in person? You know, being traditional?


Sorry. I'm currently stuck in the Otherworld. If you let me out, I'd be happy to chat with you.

Fine. Come meet me at the local diner at 4:00 PM tomorrow. Bring some whiskey.

is out for a morning ride on Aonbharr. There's nothing like a nude ride on horseback while watching the beautiful Irish sun rise.


Doesn't that hurt? You know, riding naked?

Nothing I can't handle.

King Arthur

Good afternoon. I was wondering if you could clear something up for me. You live on the Plain of Apples, right? Is that the same thing as our Avalon?

I'm not sure. Can I get back to you on that one?

King Arthur

Meanwhile, can I offer you a Honeycrisp apple? They're delicious.


likes this.

Tuatha de Danaan

Hey. Are you the god of the Irish Sea?

Sometimes I'm called the god of the Irish Sea. I'm also just the lord of all the general oceans and seas and stuff.

Tuatha de Danaan

Great. Can you help us with the local shark infestation?

I'm a bit scared of sharks. Can you ask Lugh to do it?

Tuatha de Danaan

Fine. We'll tear him away from all his other jobs.

Sounds awesome. Thanks.

is chilling on the Isle of Man. It's pretty good to be the king—literally!

Can you guess what shape I am now?


How did you know?

I can see you from my house.


Hey. I'm heading to the supermarket in Dublin. Do you need anything?

Bread, please.


Okay. I'll tell Cuch—I mean, the supermarket guys—you said hi.

What's that? Are you seeing Cuchulainn?


No. See you later!


just checked in to the Manx Magic Mart.


Nice. More card tricks?

You'll see.


Let's go out to dinner tonight.

What were you thinking?


Seafood? Maybe some clams?

I'm the god of the sea. I don't eat seafood. Never forget that!


My bad. Beef sounds better.

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