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Maniac Magee

Maniac Magee


by Jerry Spinelli

Maniac Magee Questions

Bring on the tough stuff - there’s not just one right answer.

  1. Would Jeffrey Lionel have become a legend if his parents had lived? Can legends have parents, or do they have to be orphans? (Think about superheroes—do any of them have living parents?)
  2. Do you think Maniac stays put with the Beales? What happens to him next?
  3. What would have happened if Grayson had lived?
  4. How would Maniac's story have been different if he were black, instead of white?
  5. How is Mars Bar different from Big John?
  6. Does Maniac do the right thing in refusing to go to school?
  7. What do you think happens to Piper and Russell in the future: do they turn out like their dad?
  8. What do you think Two Mills is like today? Still segregated?

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