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Muses Sightings

  • The Iliad by Homer 800BC - 701BC

    Homer gives some mad shout-outs to the Muses in this epic (and epically long) poem.

  • The Odyssey by Homer 800BC - 701BC

    And the shout-outs don't stop with the Iliad. Did you notice that they're always at the beginning?

  • The Aeneid by Virgil 29BC - 19BC

    Virgil opened his poem with a nod to the Muses, too. Don't they ever get tired of all these epic poets pestering them all the time?

  • The Metamorphoses by Ovid 2BC

    Yep, another epic poem. This time, the Muses show up to brag to Athena (Minerva) about how they beat the daughters of Pieros in a singing contest and then turned them into magpies.

  • The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri 1308 - 1321

    Dante asks for inspiration all the way from Hell to Heaven.

  • Paradise Lost by John Milton 1667

    The super-important poems never end. Milton gets by with a little help from his Muses in his epic poem about the fall of man.

  • Xanadu 1980

    Olivia Newton John plays the Muse, Terpsichore, in this "so bad it's almost good" movie musical.

  • "Like a Prayer" by Madonna 1989

    The Muses are a mystery to Madonna—at least that's what she sings in her hit song.

  • Hercules 1997

    The (super-cute) Muses sing a lot of catchy numbers in this old-school Disney movie.

  • Xanadu, the Broadway Musical 2007

    In this theatrical remake of the 1980 film, the Muse Clio comes down to inspire a dude to start a roller disco. (No really, that's what it's about.)

  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Titan's Curse 2007

    The nine singing sisters show up to rock out the final celebration at the end of this novel.

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