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Types of Numbers

Types of Numbers

In the Real World

Here's a video that showcases math used in the real world.

All right, Shmoop, you're probably thinking. I've humored you for long enough. I've looked at all your silly diagrams, read your silly guide and done your silly exercises. So what's the payoff? Am I ever actually going to use any of this stuff?

Yes, indeedy! One pretty major topic in which much of this material will come in handy is money. Moolah. Cash. Cheddar. Dollar, dollar bills. You'd like to have money some day, yes? That's what we figured. Well, the better you understand certain mathematical concepts, the better you'll be with money. And if you're really, really good, who knows? Maybe one day you'll have an entire room filled with money, and you can jump in and do laps all day long. And you'll owe it all to algebra.

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