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Oracle of Delphi (The Pythia)'s Wall


For the record: I'm not a fan.

We cannot be blamed for your fate, Oedipus.

All I know is my life would've been way better if I never knew what was coming.

Those who seek will often find, but those who walk without seeking will be found by what has not been sought.

What the Hades is that supposed to mean?

We have spoken.

Hate you guys.



We take that to mean that you're still angry that Apollo killed you and claimed Delphi.

You're darn tootin' he's mad. I should've swallowed Delphi into myself a long time ago.

That would be ill advised.

Bring it on, sonny boy!



Can't say I was sad when Theodosius shut Delphi down. I never liked the competition.

All seekers of wisdom strain with the same mind, but when will the mind expand beyond its own imagination?

Oh, don't get all cryptic with me. I'm the king of cryptic.

Not liking all this hating on the Oracle.


Oh, so you thought it was cool when she ordered you to kill me.

I told the Oracle to say that, and I still think it was the right thing to do.


You're just lucky Athena stepped in, or we Furies would've had a fun time with Orestes in the Dungeon of the Damned.

Those who seek vengeance will often wreak vengeance on themselves.


Oh, can it, toots.

How can you ladies take yourself seriously? Everybody knows the only way to really tell the future is through augury.

Birds are flighty things, with many futures in their wings.

You're not impressing anybody.

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