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Pegasus's Wall


Pegasus Fan Page

Pegasus can't talk, and it's pretty hard for him to type with those hooves and all. But that didn't stop us—his friends and fans—from setting up a fan page for him. Commence praise!


Pegasus, I hope you're happy in the stars. Too bad I can't see them from the Underworld. By Zeus, I miss our Chimera-slaying days.

I miss you too, Pegasus!


You never rode on Pegasus, you poser.

I saw myself riding him in a movie just recently.


Like you can believe what you see in stupid Hollywood movies.

You're just jealous that nobody's making movies about you.


They should be. I'm amazing. I used to be so famous.

Sure, sure... what was it you did again?


Pegasus and I rode together and slew the Chimera.

Hmmm, that's funny. My agent just called and told me about a movie where I ride Pegasus and fight the Chimera. Check it out.


I call shenanigans. You should be ashamed to even be posting on Pegasus's wall. You killed his mother.

He never would have been born if I hadn't chopped off Medusa's head. The old hag deserved it.

I'm coming for you, Perseus. Wherever you hide, I will find you. Love you, Peggy!


We miss you, Pegasus! We sing songs for you on Parnassus every night. Hope you can hear them.


You should come down and chill with us, Peggy.


You shouldn't call him "Peggy." It's undignified.


You are the most unamusing Muse there is.


Yeah, come down, Peggy. I've seen a couple fillies who would be pretty excited to meet such a famous stallion. ;)


Pegasus has a place of honor among the stars. Why would he ever leave such lofty perfection to concern himself with matters of the flesh?


Okay, you are now the most unamusing Muse there is.

I heart Pegasus! I just got a Lisa Frank coloring book, and Pegasus has a pretty rainbow horn and runs on a pretty rainbow.


I'm sorry Little Human Girl, but my winged steed never had a horn, especially not a rainbow one.

Little Human Girl

Nope, I see the rainbow horn right here.


You're thinking of a unicorn. I knew Pegasus better than anybody, and I'm quite sure of it.

Little Human Girl

Who are you?


Bellerophon, tamer of the winged steed.

Little Human Girl

I thought Perseus tamed Pegasus…



likes this.

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