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Persephone, Demeter, and Hades Photos

    Hades, Aphrodite, and Cupid
    Hades comes up from the underworld, where Cupid awaits. [Engraving by Virgil Solis, 1581.]

    The Abduction
    In this painting, by famous Dutch master Rembrandt, Hades gets the award for creepiest uncle ever. [Painting by Rembrandt, c. 1631.]

    Hades Snatches Up Persephone
    Is that Athena or Ares asking Hades not to kidnap Persephone? [Painting by Peter Paul Rubens, c. 1636.]

    Hades Carries Away Persephone
    Abate gives us another depiction of the worst day in Persephone’s life. [Painting by Nicolò dell'Abate, 16th century.]

    Hades in Darkness
    Yet another creepy painting of Persephone’s abduction. [Painting by Simone Pignoni, c. 1650.]

    Sculpture of the Abduction
    Persephone looks pretty unhappy about being carried off. [Sculpture by François Girardon, c. 1700. Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Artshooter, 2009.]

    Hades and Persephone in the Underworld
    Hades and Persephone appear with Cerberus and three gorgons. [Illustration by Wenzel Hollar, 1600s.]

    Persephone and Demeter Reunite
    Demeter is elated to see her daughter. [Painting by Frederic Leighton, 1891.]

    Demeter in an Allegory of Summer
    Demeter appears at the bottom of the painting, with plentiful grain. [Painting by Jerzy Siemiginowski-Eleuter, 1684-86.]

    Portrait of Demeter
    Demeter is shown here with a scythe and grain. [Unknown artist, French, 15th-16th century.]

    Demeter and Persephone
    Demeter (on the left) presents grain to be given to mortals as part of the Eleusian Mysteries. [Marble relief, c. 440-430 BC. Photo by Wikipedia user Napoleon Vier, 2005.]

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