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Persephone (Proserpine)'s Wall


Hey Sephy Bear, I've got a lovely surprise for you when I get home today.

What is it?

It's a surprise! LOL.

It better not be jewelry.

Um... I thought you liked jewelry.

I have a mountain of the junk you bring home.

It's a crown made from the most valuable gems under the earth!

You're the master of all valuable things under the earth. Gems are easy for you to come by. Therefore they have no value. Therefore... it's all junk.

What can I bring you? Anything to make you happy.


Why can't every god be as perfect as Adonis?


Hey, don't be too down on them all Sephy Bear. I'm a lot to measure up to.

How dare you call her Sephy Bear?


What are you gonna do? Kill me?

I will sentence you to live again.


dislikes this.


I thought I might come by for tea today, dear.

Please! I'm so lonely.


Perhaps I'll bring some fresh fruit from above. What would you like?

Anything but pomegranates.

Missing Mom more than ever today.

Miss you too, sweetie. Don't let that nasty man touch you.

He's so gross, Mom. He smells like rotten gravy. ☹

Don't you know I can see this?

Oh, we know.


I never stopped loving you, Persephone!

Having your butt stuck to a rock for all eternity apparently wasn't a harsh enough punishment.


You can't imprison my heart.

 ☺ <3

You will be tortured for all of eternity.

Don't throw him into Tartarus, sweetums. If you don't, I promise tomorrow I'll actually smile.

I'm going to do worse than Tartarus.



I'm going to take away your iPhone.


Are you crazy?! I'm about to beat Angry Birds. After all these,  years... finally.

You will find no mercy in my kingdom.


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