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Perseus and Andromeda Photos

Perseus Fighting Cetus
Another day, another sea monster. [Painting by Edward Burne-Jones, 1888.]

The Worst Day of Andromeda's Life
Andromeda freaks out (understandably) as the sea monster comes to get her. [Painting by Gustave Dore, c. 1869.]

Statue of Andromeda
Andromeda is chained to her rock, awaiting the sea monster Cetus. [Sculpture by Domenico Guidi.]

Perseus Saves the Day
Perseus flies in to save Andromeda from the monster. [Painting by Titian, 1553-1559.]

Perseus Flies in on Pegasus
Another painting of our hero flying in – this time on Pegasus. [Painting by Carlo Saraceni.]

Perseus Frees Andromeda
Our hero unchains Andromeda, while a bunch of other people skinny dip around them. [Painting by Giorgio Vasari, 1570.]

Andromeda, the Galaxy
There's an entire galaxy named after Andromeda, and it's only 2.5 million light years away. [Photo by Adam Evans, 2010.]

Andromeda, the Constellation
This illustrated star map shows the constellation named for Andromeda. [Etching by Sidney Hall, published 1825.]

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