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Political Parties Questions

There's more than one right answer.

  • Would America's political process be better without political parties?
  • Could government function without them?
  • Were the Constitution's framers naïve or wise in their opposition to political parties?
  • What is the future of the political party?
  • Will they serve in the twenty-first century as they did in the nineteenth and twentieth?
  • What does the candidacy of Ross Perot suggest about the future of minor parties and independent candidates?
  • What does the election of Barack Obama suggest about the future of the Democratic and Republican Parties?
  • Should the government exercise more or less control over political parties?
  • Are the contribution and spending limits appropriate?
  • Do you agree with the ruling in Buckley v. Valeo?
  • What patterns do you see in the history of America's political parties?
  • Do certain philosophies or issues persist even as the parties change?
  • Do you see any similarities between today's major parties and the parties of the first party system?
  • Is the Republican Party still the party of Lincoln? Is the Democratic Party still the party of Jackson?

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