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Pygmalion Photos

    With Flourish!
    Yeah, we'd be pointing fingers, too. [Pygmalion and Galatea by Laurent Pécheux, 1784]

    Chiseling Away
    Who knew he was working with an audience? [Pygmalion by Emmanuel-Jean Nepomucène de Ghendt, after Charles Eisen, ca. 1773]

    Crazy Eyes
    Also, orange isn't doing anything for you, P. [L'Origine de la sculpture ou Pygmalion priant Vénus d'animer sa statue by Jean Baptiste Regnault, 1786]

    Down on His Knees
    What do you think? Is Pygmalion hot enough for her? [Pygmalion and Galatea by Bronzino, 1529-30]

    Love at First Sight
    What's that random cherub doing there? He's kind of ruining the mood… [Pygmalion et Galaté by Octave Tassaert, 1855]

    She's Alive!
    Aphrodite is bringing Pygmalions ivory ladyfriend to life. Oh, and in this one, Pygmalion is king. Literally. [Venus bringing to life Pygmalion's statue, Neapolitan School, 18th century]

    Thanks, Aphrodite
    Wonder how those other sculptures felt. Not fair! [Venus und Pygmalion by Anton Wilhelm Tischbein, 1786/1800]

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