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Is Bottom a tragic character? - Shmoop Answers
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Is Bottom a tragic character?

0 votes
asked Aug 12, 2016 in A Midsummer Night's Dream by HanShotFirst the Legend (1,016 points)

2 Answers

+1 vote
Well he's not dead at the end, so I'd say no. He also doesn't end up with a donkey's head at the end, so there's a second post in the win column. Tragic characters tend to have some trait that undoes them, and Bottom really doesn't. he gets to sleep with the Queen of the Faeries too. Everything's turning up Bottom!
answered Sep 19, 2016 by dave68 the Knight (54 points)
0 votes
answered Nov 30, 2017 by jeremiah.keb11 the Serf (13 points)

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