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Do you feel a little detached from, well, everything?  AP classes are making it real by offering AP with WE Service for every subject.  In 2016, The College Board (those friendly people who brought you the SAT and AP courses) introduced AP with WE Service.  How does it change your AP class curriculum?  Think of it as the answer to, “How does this stuff I’m learning matter in the real world?”  In AP with WE Service classes, you’ll use what you are learning to solve local or global real-world problems.  What better timing, with that pandemic and all.  This video sums it up nicely. 

AP with We Service trains students to be agents of change.  All you need are the right projects.  Fortunately, our friends at VolunteerCrowd have no shortage of ideas.  In fact, when you look for volunteer opportunities, you can filter not only by cause area (environmental, health, homeless, hunger, ­­STEM, and more) but also projects that are good for AP and IB students.  Try it sometime.


Online Marketing & Social Media Intern

“Get rid of technology and send news and announcements in the mail?” Said no one ever. High school seniors (ages 18+) and college students can volunteer to become digital intern storytellers. Digitally tell the amazing story of athletes who deserve to shine through social media, web content, photos, and much more. High school seniors taking AP 2-D Art and Design or AP English have the chance to collaborate and communicate with experienced professionals to develop new skills. Leadership skills will be implemented as you analyze and present content deemed vital to share with the community.


Youth Student STEM Mentor

Middle and high school girl interns become mad scientists. That would be fun, but volunteers serve as assistant teachers and mentors for K-5 after school programs. This opportunity will not only help build communication skills, leadership skills and provide an opportunity to further engage in STEM, especially for students taking any AP STEM-related course. Being a mentor requires volunteers to become leaders as they engage, enrich, collaborate, and communicate with the young scholars and the teachers needing your expertise in STEM.


Teen Volunteers for Veterans

Teen volunteers join the military to get first-hand experience about the lives of veterans. Not quite, so do not be afraid. Volunteers do invaluable work that makes a difference to veterans, their communities, and various chapters. Students can witness a life-changing experience for both themselves and the paralyzed veterans benefitting from their support. High school students taking AP Government and Politics(US) can learn information vital to assessing our veterans' needs. Become a leader in your community as you advocate and demand change for deserving veterans.


Online Teen Housing Volunteer

It's house party time! Well, not really. Teen volunteers are needed to help with an online Homebuyer Education Program. Several student volunteers are needed to keep up with the high demand of housing counseling services and office staff due to current issues. This is a great opportunity for students taking AP Macroeconomics or Microeconomics to gain foundational knowledge of the homeless' economic hardships. Collaboration with professionals working at this organization will allow you to gain tons of knowledge and leadership skills for a lifetime.


Student Food Pantry Research Volunteers

Record mukbangs of your favorite dish. That would be too easy, right? In reality, high school and college students get a high-level view of how communities combat food insecurity. As a volunteer, you will help the hungry locate food by calling, emailing, and researching food pantries and soup kitchens. AP Psychology students will benefit from this project by researching and collaborating with a team about how to meet the needs of the hungry. Learn different ways to motivate those in your community to persevere through their hard times.


High School Arts & History Volunteer

Teen volunteers can rewrite history. Just kidding - but you can do what you do best - tag content. In this case, the content is history. Imagine tagging African American History, reports of sinking enemy submarines in WWII, and historical civil and criminal cases. We could go on, but you get the idea. Or transcribe stamps, tables, or charts. AP and IB students enrolled in US or World history can learn while making this priceless content more accessible to others.


High School Student Galaxy Explorer

 High school Galaxy Explorers take a trip to space! Ahh, let’s not get too carried away. Students have an opportunity for hands-on fun while developing job skills, increasing STEM knowledge, and enhancing public speaking. Student volunteers assist with outreach science education for younger children, peers, and families at schools, libraries, fairs, and community centers. There is a special place for high school students taking AP Environmental Science to analyze how the Earth’s ecosystems impact your environment.


15+ Online Volunteer for the Blind

 Record yourself singing the blues. We’d love to hear it, but your talents are requested for a special reason. Online volunteers record current news, magazines, circulars, and other items of interest so that people who are blind, low vision, or cannot read conventional print can listen to these publications through the telephone. In addition to reading, students can also proof recordings. AP Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, French, or German are needed to translate these different resources. Get the chance to expand your vocabulary and learn more about the culture while translating.

Written by Meagan Thomas

VolunteerCrowd Volunteer Success Manager, Educator

 VolunteerCrowd helps students find academic-related service projects and create a service transcript to impress colleges and employers.