Food on the table and a roof over your head—what more could you ask for (aside from the occasional local music festival)? Check out these Shmoop-cultivated career paths for the modern Bohemian:

1. Social Work

We get it: you want to help people. You're a noble soul and we can dig that. However, the job market for social work and other psychology-related fields is heavily saturated. Plus, since average salaries hover around $30,000-35,000 per year (source), you might have to look for a side gig. May we suggest professional dancing?

But you don't need money when you've got warm, fuzzy feelings, are we right? 


2. Animal Science

What's not to love? You've got open air, the animals, and—oh my, the animals. Let it be known that we love a good mini-pig video.

Unfortunately, even with a projected increase in the demand for animal scientists, starting salaries come in as low as $25,000 per year (source). Advanced degrees bump that number up another $20,000...which, for you non-mathematicians out there, still tops you out at a measly $45,00 per year.

In any case, if you're into the animals and their sciences, we suggest you keep on schoolin'.

3. Religious Studies

The good news: you'll be able to say, with authority, when someone is totally misinterpreting how karma works. Yeah, the jerk that cut you off in rush hour traffic probably isn't going to trip and fall into a vat of acid. 

The bad news: median starting salaries for religious studies majors are under $40,000 per year. And the job market is contracting (source).

You may have to seriously supplement your income if you choose to become a religious studies major...unless Daddy wants to continue paying your rent. Namaste.

4. Education

You know the old adage: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach." Well, we think that's hogwash because teachers are some of the brightest and most selfless doers around. Now if only the rest of country would catch up to our way of thinking. 

Poor education majors.

Salaries for public school teachers break $90k in only a single state of the union, and salary gains over time are often lackluster (source). The state of the teaching profession in the U.S. is almost enough to get Michelle Pfeiffer looking for a new job.

5. Radio and TV Communications

You've got a golden voice, hair that's perfectly poised, and a smile that could dazzle a nation. Welcome to the TV and radio industry, kid. Yes, there are a lot of people in the field trying to make it big. But you've got that special something, right?

Right. There is a fair amount of specialized training and education ahead of you if you want to be really successful as a media mogul. Even then, you're looking at a median salary of less than $55,000 per year. The return on your massive educational investment isn't great (source). 

Ready to sign the dotted line? Wait, where are you going?