We feel you. You've perfected this amazing unit on genetic variation or the Marshall Plan or the work of John Steinbeck, but COVID-19 has stepped in to remind us about the best-laid plans of mice and men.

So now you're an online educator! Woohoo? This is likely going to be an adjustment, but the good news is you're a qualified professional. Teaching is your superpower, and you have the coffee mug to prove it.

Just like Batman has a supercomputer to help him fight crimes, you have Shmoop to help you fight...quarantined students? Not quite, but you know what we mean.

Teachers Dealing with E-learning Anxiety? Embrace Noob-hood

Feeling a bit anxious about online teaching? Because you really need more anxiety in your life right now, right? Online learning is more than likely new for your students as well. You can always fake it to make it. But we suggest being open with students about being a noob new to the wonderful world of e-learning—or, even better, a nube: a novice noob. 

  • Invite student feedback: Make them partners as you develop and revise your plans. Students are used to constant texting—set an expectation for how they can communicate with you directly. 
  • Solicit student help with tech questions: Future tech geeks LOVE the opportunity to show off their skills. You’re gonna get comfortable with keyboard shortcuts and videoconferencing before you know it.
  • Metacognition anyone? Hold regular reflection sessions in which you all discuss what’s working and what’s not (now’s the time to put that “we teach you how to learn” stuff into practice). 
  • Remember you’re all students: Students love the chance to learn with you. It will strengthen the sense of community in this classroom 2.0 and increase their motivation. 

Model how to Learn: Most importantly, consider your new foray into online teaching as an opportunity for you to model what it means to learn and take on new challenges: Model humble reflection, the capacity to manage uncertainty, revise your practices based on experimentation and discussion—in short, the ability to learn new things. Head to our eLearning hub for more info on eLearning.