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The Return of Sherlock Holmes

The Return of Sherlock Holmes


by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Return of Sherlock Holmes Pride Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Story.Paragraph) or (Story.Section.Paragraph) if applicable.

Quote #4

"We could, of course, have gone in and taken him, but it amused me to make him reveal himself. Besides, I owed you a little mystification, Lestrade, for your chaff in the morning." (Norwood Builder.198)

Holmes reveals that he isn't above some petty revenge here. It's also notable that Holmes often puts on a dramatic show if his pride has ever been wounded.

Quote #5

"You have been very remiss in not coming to me sooner," said he, severely. "You start me on my investigation with a very serious handicap." (Priory School.1.27)

Holmes gets irritated if he's not in the thick of things more than once in the book; he even gets jealous when people do things without him.

Quote #6

"His Grace is never very friendly with anyone. He is completely immersed in large public questions, and is rather inaccessible to all ordinary emotions. But he was always kind to the boy in his own way." (Priory School.1.70)

This description of the Duke and his relationship with his son in the "Priory School" can easily be applied to Holmes and Watson as well. Like the Duke, Holmes is a detached individual with lots of a pride and a focus on big "public" issues (crime in Sherlock's case) instead of on relationships.

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