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Skadi's Wall


Swish! Swish! What's that, you ask? Why, it's the sound of my new, top-of-the-line Snowslicer 2000 skis. Just arrived via Bifröst Express. SO STOKED.


OMG, can't wait to see them! I'm thinking of getting a pair myself…

Let's hit the slopes this weekend?


I am so there.

You left two suitcases full of hats and gloves at my place. Please come get them. I have no use for them—my house is not located in a freezer.

No, that's right, how could I forget? It's in the middle of a horrid swamp full of screeching birds.

Awww, you two couldn't work it out? Boohoo. No really, I'm heartbroken. If you're looking for company, Skadi, you know where to find me.

As if.

Sami Herdsman

My lady Skadi, thank you for a successful calving season! Our reindeer herds continue to prosper, thanks to your watchful eye!

My pleasure! You can ask for my blessing upon your traps, too!

Sami Herdsman

Of course, my lady. Your help is always appreciated!

has changed her relationship status from "Married" to "Single."

Skadi, I finished the placement of your father's eyes in the heavens. If tonight is clear, you should be able to see them shining brightly as two stars! I'm pretty psyched with how they turned out…

OK, I'll definitely check it out. But you're not gonna get off for my father's murder that easily. Remember: you still have to make me laugh.

We've got Loki working on that.

I just need to find a goat, and then I will knock your socks off with a joke that will have you falling off your chair.

I doubt it. I am not easily amused.


Skadi, how could you? The punishment you have suggested for Loki is cruel and unusual!

That creep helped kill my father, and then he killed Balder! I know he's your husband, but you can't expect me to have any sympathy for him.


But to bind him with our son's entrails under a snake dripping with venom? How did you even come up with that?!

Don't worry my dear, they'll never catch me!

That's what you think…

4:00AM. Gulls screeching. I. am. going. to. scream.


Hang in there! You'll get used to living in Asgard eventually!

But I'm soooo homesick. I miss the mountains! And the silence right before dawn.


I get homesick, too. But my man Thor makes it all worth it in the end.

Sigh… if only we didn't live right next to the ocean.

Skadi, you're a giantess, right? You have to help me. What do giantesses want? How can I convince Gerd to go out with me?

Well, the way to a giantess's heart is through her stomach! What's her
favorite food?

Hmmmm, I'll find out. Thanks!

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