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The Snow Man

The Snow Man


by Wallace Stevens

The Snow Man Questions

Bring on the tough stuff - there’s not just one right answer.

  1. How does one have a mind of winter? What does that mean? And what does it take to get your mind in that state?
  2. What's reality in this poem? No seriously, we're asking.
  3. How is the listener "nothing himself?" What is the "nothing that is not there" to you? What is the "nothing that is" to you? 
  4. What's up with this poem being one long, meandering sentence? In other words, how does the form of this poem relate to its content? Does the fact that this poem is all one sentence help us understand its meaning in any way?
  5. Who is the snow man? Is he someone to admire? To pity? What does he do in the poem? Or is he just a metaphor?

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