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Empowering the education system with data-driven learning, frameworks for success, and eLearning programs.

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Frameworks for Success

Streamline processes, shorten time to understanding where each student is, and enable scalable online learning programs.

Scalable 1:1 student/teacher programs that will create the ripple effect of student behavioral health and positive outcomes across all school initiatives.

"The AP test [readiness] allows students to pace themselves, reflect on learning, and compete with one another. It also provides me with immediate data on each student to help guide my curriculum pacing as well as content review/reteaching."

- Rosana, Teacher at Monterey Peninsula USD

Thought Leadership

Shmoop is on the cutting edge of virtual learning. With a focus on whole student initiatives and helping schools progress toward cognitive-based learning, Shmoop becomes a partner to pave the way for the future of teaching and learning.

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Assessment & Accountability

Assessment & Accountability

Empower educators with data to ensure that goals are met with Shmoop’s Test Readiness, Courses, and Heartbeat.

Skills and progress tracking

School-wide data and reporting

Custom assignments

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Tustin High School doubles AP® pass rates with Shmoop's Test Readiness Program.

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Portrait of a Graduate

Systems of support that empower educators to support students to drive improved college and career readiness after graduation.


Shmoop's technology-based classroom solutions are designed to level the playing field, offering students the unique resources they need to succeed.

Individual subscriptions or schoolwide programs

Campus Level


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