Chapter 41

Let's Do Lunch

  • Ishmael brings ten men to Gedaliah's house in Mizpah.
  • They begin by having a pleasant meal, but then Ishmael and his posse assassinate Gedaliah, rebelling against Babylon in the process. Johanan was right.
  • They also kill all the Judean and Babylonian soldiers with Gedaliah at Mizpah.
  • The next day, eighty men from Samaria, Shiloh, and Shechem arrive, bedraggled-looking pilgrims with torn clothes and beat-up bodies bringing offerings for the Temple.
  • Ishmael pretends to invite them to see Gedaliah. Then he slaughters them in the middle of the city, sparing ten of them who bribe Ishmael by promising him wheat, barley, oil, and honey that they had hidden in a field.

A Narrow Escape

  • Ishmael tosses all the bodies into a cistern, takes everyone else captive—including all the deceased king-governor's daughters—and heads out to join up with his sponsors, the Ammonites.
  • But when Johanan hears what happened, he takes his men and rides out after them.
  • They catch up with Ishmael at the pool of Gibeon, and Ishmael's captives rush over to Johanan's side.
  • Ishmael somehow escapes with eight of his men and reaches the Ammonites.
  • Johanan and his people are worried that the Babylonians are going to try to kill them even though they were on Gedaliah's side, so they decide to flee to Egypt for refuge.

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