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Proverbs Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

"She's a Man Eater": Hall and Oates, via Proverbs

  • Yet again, the speaker urges the listener or reader to hear his words of wisdom.
  • The speaker says to avoid the "loose woman" who seduces men with words that seem like oil or honey, but hide a reality that is actually quite bitter and sharp.
  • She leads people down to Sheol, the underworld, and knocks them off the paths of life.
  • Again, you shouldn't depart from the speaker's words—stick with them, says the speaker, and they'll keep you away from the loose woman who destroys.
  • Stay far away from her house, or else she'll destroy your honor and your wealth—your work and possessions will be taken over by others and you'll be disgraced in front of the public assembly. Then, you'll lament how you didn't listen to your teachers' wise advice. (Teachers, gang: listen to 'em.)

Better than Evian

  • Drink from your own well, and avoid spreading your water around in the streets in streams for others and for strangers to drink.
  • Take comfort in the wife you've had since you were young—be intoxicated by her love and satisfied by her breasts (hey don't look at us—that's what it says).
  • Don't get seduced and intoxicated by adulteresses. The wicked get tangled up in their evil deeds and die due to their foolishness and lack of discipline.

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