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Proverbs Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

"Meet You at The Crossroads"– Bone Thugs n' Harmony

  • Wisdom walks around town calling out, raising her voice to people, asking them to develop their understanding.
  • She goes to the gates of the city, to the crossroads, and calls for the simple people to become prudent and smart.
  • Wisdom says that her mouth only speaks the truth and can't say anything wicked. Her words are more valuable than money, gold, or jewels.
  • Fearing God is the same thing, she says, as hating evil. She herself lives with knowledge and discretion.
  • Pride just leads towards more evil, and twisted words are abhorrent to her.
  • Wisdom enables rulers and nobles to be fair and just.
  • She loves the people who seek her, saying that if they are diligent, they will find her.
  • Even though wisdom is better than riches, it also can lead to riches and prosperity.
  • Wisdom fills the treasuries of people by walking with justice and righteousness.

First Things First… Or, Um, in the Eighth Chapter 

  • God created Wisdom in the very beginning. It was his first act of creation, before even the world was made.
  • Wisdom goes on a bit, describing how she was made before the mountains, seas, sky, etc.
  • When God made the heavens, Wisdom watched him, and saw when he drew a circle in the deep (creating the earth).
  • Wisdom was like "a master worker," helping God as he marked off the seas and constructed the fountains under the earth and so on.
  • On a daily basis, Wisdom delighted God, and Wisdom herself rejoiced throughout the created world and pleased humanity.
  • Again, Wisdom says that people who pursue her and follow her rules will be happy. Those who hate Wisdom are in love with death, but those who find her are rewarded by God.

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