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Arthur Miller Biography

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Interviewer Charlie Rose once asked Arthur Miller what the great American playwrights—Tennessee Williams, Eugene O'Neill, and Miller himself—had in common. "I personally think that what the big ones have in common is a fierce moral sensibility," Miller told Rose. "They are all burning with some anger at the way the world is."he wrote in an impassioned 1968 essay, responding to the murder of Robert F. Kennedy.

Through it all, Miller kept writing, until his death in 2005 at the age of 89. Critics dismissed many of his later plays and stories as shadows of his earlier successes, though theater-goers abroad appreciated many works that American audiences did not. Miller didn't really care what the critics said. As long as the world still had problems to solve, Arthur Miller still had something to say.

Psst...Arty...we've got a problem that needs solving. Want to pen an impassioned essay to Ronald McDonald?



Success and Scandal

Marilyn Monroe & McCarthyism

After the Fall



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