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Martin Scorsese Taxi Driver and Raging Bull

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Taxi Driver and Raging Bull

Then Scorsese made a movie called Taxi Driver. "Bob [DeNiro] was the actor, I was the director, and Paul [Schrader] wrote the script," Scorsese said of the film's team. "The three of us just came together. It was exactly what we wanted."

Between these two career triumphs came the lowest point of Scorsese's life. His film New York, New York flopped, launching him into severe depression. He was crippled by phobias and a serious cocaine problem. His second marriage ended and a third ill-fated union with actress Isabella Rossellini soon crumbled as well. Scorsese checked himself in to a hospital to recover, and was on his way back from the edge by the time Raging Bull came out.

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