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Thomas Jefferson Family

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Father: Peter Jefferson, 1708-175, a slave owning surveyor and farmer, whom Jefferson idolized, 1755-1815
Mother: Jane Randolph, 1720-1776, the wealthy descendant of an aristocratic Virginia family, cousin of Peyton Randolph, the head of the Virginia House of Burgesses.
Eldest Sister: Jane, 1740-1765
Elder Sister: Mary, 1741-1804
Younger Sister: Elizabeth, 1744-1774
Younger Sister: Martha, 1746-1811
Younger Brother: Peter, 1748-1748
Younger Brother: Unnamed, 1750-1750
Younger Sister: Lucy, 1752-1810
Youngest Sister: Anna, 1755-1828
Youngest Brother: Randolph, 1755-1815

Wife: Martha Wayles Skelton, 1748-1782 (married 1772). One son, John (1767-1771), by a previous marriage to Bathurst Skelton.
Eldest Daughter: Martha (known at Patsy), 1772-1836. Martha is the only one of Thomas Jefferson and Martha Skelton's six children who will survive both her parents.
Daughter: Jane, 1774-1775
Son: Unnamed, 1777-1777
Daughter: Mary (or Maria, known as Polly), 1778-1804
Daughter: Lucy Elizabeth, 1780-1781
Daughter: Lucy Elizabeth, 1782-1784

Son in law: Thomas Mann Randolph, 1768-1828. A distant cousin of Martha Jefferson's, they marry in 1790.
Granddaughter: Anne Cary, 1791-1826
Grandson: Thomas Jefferson, 1792-1875
Granddaughter: Ellen Wayles, 1794-1795
Granddaughter: Ellen Wayles, 1796-1876
Granddaughter: Cornelia Jefferson, 1799-1871
Granddaughter: Virginia Jefferson, 1801-1882
Granddaughter: Mary Jefferson, 1803-1876
Grandson: James Madison, 1806-1834
Grandson: Benjamin Franklin, 1808-1871
Grandson, Meriwether Lewis, 1810-1837
Granddaughter: Septimia Anne, 1814-1887
Grandson: George Wythe, 1818-1867

Son in law: John Wayles Eppes, 1773-1823. A cousin of Mary Jefferson, they marry in 1797.
Granddaughter: Unnamed, 1799-1800
Grandson: Francis Wayles, 1801-1881
Granddaughter: Maria Jefferson, 1804-1807

What's the deal with Sally Hemings?
In the 1800s, a rumor circulated that Thomas Jefferson fathered children with his slave Sally Hemings. Although the rumor remained unconfirmed for two hundred years, a 1998 study appeared in the journal Nature showing a DNA link between Jefferson and Hemings' children. On the strength of the study, most historians now believe the rumor to be true. The following people therefore belong on Jefferson's family tree as well.

Slave Lover: Sally Hemings, 1773-1835, likely daughter of John Wayles and Elizabeth Hemings. She became Jefferson's property in 1774, following John Wayles's death. According to Hemings family tradition, Jefferson began his sexual relationship with Sally sometime after she accompanied his daughter Polly to France in 1787. Hemings family tradition also claims that Sally only agreed to return with Jefferson to Virginia after he promised to free any children he might father with her.
Daughter: Harriet, 1795-1797
Son: Beverly, 1798-1873(?)
Daughter: Unnamed, 1799-1802
Daughter: Harriet, 1801-1863
Son: Madison, 1805-1878
Son: Eston, 1808-1853

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