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William Faulkner Family

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Father: Murry Falkner (1870-1932)
Mother: Maud Butler (1871-1960)
Brother: Murry Charles Falkner (1899-1975)
Brother: John "Johncy" Wesley Thompson Falkner III (1901-1963)
Brother: Dean Swift Falkner (1907-1935)

Wife: Lida Estelle Oldham (1896-1972)
Daughter: Alabama Faulkner (1931, died nine days after birth)
Daughter: Jill Faulkner (1933-2008)
Son-in-law: Paul D. Summers, Jr.

Grandson: Paul D. Summers III (b. 1956)
Grandson: William Cuthbert Faulkner Summers (b. 1958)
Grandson: A. Burks Summers III (b. 1961)

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