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William Wordsworth Family

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Father: John Wordsworth (1741-1783)
Mother: Ann Cookson Wordsworth (1748-1778)
Brother: Richard Wordsworth (1768-1816)
Sister: Dorothy Wordsworth (1771-1885)
Brother: John Wordsworth (1772-1805)
Brother: Christopher Wordsworth (1774-1846)

Partner: Annette Vallon (1766-1841)
Daughter: Caroline Vallon (1792-?)

Wife: Mary Hutchinson (1770-?)
Son: John Wordsworth (1803-1875)
Daughter: Dorothy "Dora" Wordsworth Quillinan (1804-1847)
Son: Thomas Wordsworth (1806-1812)
Daughter: Catherine Wordsworth (1808-1812)
Son: William Wordsworth (1810-1883)

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