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Zora Neale Hurston Family

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Father: John Hurston (1861-1818)
Stepmother: Mattie Moge (1885-?)
Mother: Lucy Ann Potts Hurston (1865-1904)
Brother: Hezekiah Robert Hurston (1882-?)
Brother: Issac Hurston (1883-c. 1885)
Brother: John Cornelius Hurston (1885-?)
Sister: Sarah Emmeline Hurston (1889-?)
Brother: Clifford Joel Hurston (1893-?)
Brother: Benjamin Franklin Hurston (1895-?)
Brother: Everett Edward Hurston (1898-?)

Husband 1: Herbert Sheen (?-?) married 1927-1931

Husband 2: Albert Price III (?-?) married 1939-1943

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