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Everyone thinks of Aristotle as a serious scholar, pompous and grave. But get this: he was something of a fashionista. He was fond of wearing jeweled rings on his fingers and kept his hair short (so stylish!). (Source)

A further blow to Aristotle's reputation as a staid scholar: he had a mistress, the unfortunately named Herpyllis—who was his slave. They even had a child together. But before your image of the A-ster is totally destroyed, we have to tell you it's not quite as scandalous as it sounds. Actually Aristotle's wife, Pythias, had already died by the time he became involved with Herpyllis. And by that time, she probably wasn't a slave any more; he may have even freed her. (So much for his idea that some people are "naturally" slaves.) But still… (Source)

Aristotle had poor digestion. This may have been why his students generally sat as far away from him as possible while he lectured. (Source)

The French upper secondary school, the lycée, is named after Aristotle's school the Lyceum. Hey, it may not be as impressive as having all of higher education named after the Academy of Plato, but still it's not too bad.

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