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Camille Paglia - Politicians Against Paglia (PAP)

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Politicians Against Paglia (PAP)

There's a waiting list to get into this group. So many politicians have experienced the Paglia takedown that they felt they had to form a support group to get over the hurt feelings when she calls them buffoonish, weak, elitist, feckless, crass, and so on and so forth. The group gets together and shares feelings over Paglia, passes around a box of Kleenex, and tries to find holes in her arguments. There is a Paglia dartboard.

Barack Obama
President of PAP, as well as of the USA

In spite of his busy schedule, Barack manages to attend monthly meetings. Paglia was a monkey on his back about Obamacare, and he just needed some support from people who cared about him, or at least from other people who had experienced her wrath. Power in numbers.

Hillary Clinton
Reluctant Matriarch

Poor Hills: she always felt like a "whipping boy," so to speak. Feminists hated her for taking Bill back after his philandering, and then Paglia jumped on her for being a megalomaniac. She feels like she just can't win.

Nancy Pelosi
Public Relations

Nancy was having a rough go, as Paglia was on her like white on rice. She thought it was beneath her to join this group, but she got desperate after Paglia accused her of ranting and called for her to step down. She still has a lot of work to do, but she's getting there.

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