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Camille Paglia - Pornographers for Paglia (POP)

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Pornographers for Paglia (POP)

People in the porn industry may seem like an empowered set, with all that being in charge of their sexuality and whatnot. But when you've got the government and the health department breathing down your neck (and let's not even mention the morals and the STDs), it's hard to keep up the good fight. So this ragtag group got together to focus on Paglia's unflagging support of their civil right to you-know-what.

This group's motto comes right from Paglia herself, who famously said: "Half of us is a nice suburban girl. The other half is a raving pornographic maniac" (source).

Weekly screenings are involved.

Lollipop LaRue

As one of porn's biggest names, Lollipop was a natural for the role of POP's presidency. She was drawn to Paglia's determined belief that porn is an inevitable sexual reality. There's no stopping it.

Peachy Johnson

Like all members of POP, Peachy hails Paglia's defense of porn as something natural. She was tired of society making her feel like a freak, an oversexed monster. Paglia's support freed her from the constraints of bourgeois thinking.

Ron Jeremy
President of the Fan Club

Who better to enlist new members than the king of porn himself? He loves Paglia's embrace of testosterone. He can't help it if he is a desirable hunk of burning love. Like Paglia, he loves Debbie Does Dallas, Deep Throat, Russ Meyer films, and other cinematic classics.

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