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Camille Paglia Social Media

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People really get on Camille's wick about her list of who's in and who's out. If they think she's such a wanker, why do they care? Feminists don't like it when she says men can be a source of female empowerment or when she compares Rihanna to Princess Diana. (Source.)

Is she the only one who doesn't think that Lady Gaga is the be all, and end all of pop? You'd think she was attacking the Pope for not being pious enough. (Source.)

Camille doesn't care if you call her a racist: she refuses to take back what she said about black people and Latinos being much better about getting their sexy on. (Source.)

Camille says props to Sarah Palin for having the nerve to speak out against abortion. Paglia doesn't need everyone to agree with her; she just wants people to have the courage of their convictions. (Source.)

Sure, she was the only openly lesbian graduate student at Yale in the 1970s. That doesn't mean she likes lesbians—or that they like her. (Source.)

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