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Fredric Jameson - Chinese Intellectuals for Fredric Jameson (CIFJ)

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Chinese Intellectuals for Fredric Jameson (CIFJ)

This small but significant group is comprised of intellectuals from China who love Fredric Jameson. It's rare that Western critics have crossover appeal, because they are usually so obsessed with Western culture they act like it's the only culture. No so Fred.

Fred did a lecture tour in China in the 1980s, then some of his work was translated, and voilĂ : he had himself a Chinese fan base. Why did this group take to him so passionately? Because he gave China PoMo credibility and presented the people with some fuel they could use to defend mass culture in China.

Note: this group has its critics. Not everyone thinks it's great that Jameson is hobnobbing with a country that persecutes intellectuals... but that's another story.

Zhang Yiwu

This brilliant PoMo critic keeps the group's eyes on the prize: he makes sure everyone hears that the marginalized people have something to say. He often presents PowerPoint projects that offer vivid graphic depictions of colonial oppression, globalization, and the Oriental Other. His man crush on Fredric started when he was a young, naive graduate student at Peking U.

Zhang Xudong
Film Archivist

This expat and professor at NYU also makes sure to spread the good word about everything Jameson did for him as an up-and-coming scholar. His weekly contributions to CIFJ consist of film screenings followed by extended lectures on the global film market, material culture, and representations of time and space.

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