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Georges Bataille Social Media

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It was kind of hard to gossip about Georges Bataille, considering he was the philosopher who wanted all gossip-worthy topics performed in the light of day. Brothel visits? Check. Strange sexual activities? Check. Gambling? Check. Did Bataille try to hide any of it? No way. (Source)

It was rumored that Bataille had a conscience because he once showed a moment of regret for some of his actions. This is big news for a guy who indulged openly in behavior others might try to hide and suffer massive feelings of guilt for. After André Breton effectively excommunicated Bataille and many of his buddies from mainstream Surrealism, these guys all got together and produced a scathing fake obituary for Breton. Later, it is said that Bataille burned 500 copies of the work because he thought he had been too harsh on Breton. (Source)

The juiciest bit of gossip is that during one of the meetings of Acéphale, the members performed a human sacrifice. Bataille himself offered to be the victim, but as with much of this scandalous stuff this group claimed, it most likely did not occur. Talking about sacrifice was what really turned these dudes on; it made them feel oh, so dangerous and surreal. (Source)

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