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Gérard Genette Social Media

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Genette was a professor of another famous French critic named Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe. Just passing the mantle, we guess. (Source.)

Genette was very interested in how the lives of people are narrated, but he was private about the details of his own life. In other words, he was intellectually nosy, but he would have avoided paparazzi if paparazzi actually cared about French theory. (Source.)

Genette is known for being one of the most systematic theorists of the French school. That may be an insult to some, but he was one of those people who prided himself on being super organized. (Source.)

Genette's most influential work has been on Proust's Remembrance of Things Past—which is a doozy of a 7-volume work. Why he didn't hit up some Hemingway short stories is beyond us. (Source.)

Genette broke with his friend and fellow critic Louis Althusser over their differing views on the tyrannical acts committed by the Communist Party in Hungary. (Source.)

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