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György Lukács Social Media

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The police suspected Lukács's Sunday Circle of being a "special and particularly dangerous secret political organization." (Source.)

One critic believes that Thomas Mann modeled his character Leo Naphta from The Magic Mountain on Lukács. That's not an entirely positive connection. (Source.)

You could either say he liked to save his rear, or that he wasn't afraid to modify his own opinions. Either way, "Lukács is famous for changing his mind a lot or, to speak less playfully, for engaging in as much self-refutation as new production." Hey, everyone loves a flip-flopper, right? (Source.)

Lukács famously escaped Stalin's purges, but he didn't escape rumors that he participated in a less heinous event known as the "Lukács purge," in which the Hungarian Communist Party dropped some of its less desirable members. (Source.)

Many critics—including no less than the Communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin—thought Lukács was overrated as a Marxist thinker. (Source.)

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