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Harold Bloom - Harold Bloom vs. Naomi Wolf

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Harold Bloom vs. Naomi Wolf

Long before Ms. Wolf wrote such books as The Beauty Myth and Vagina: A New Biography she was an undergrad at Yale. And according to her, Harold Bloom got a little too friendly.

Her version of the story goes like this: she was doing an independent study with Bloom. He ended up having dinner with her and had a bit too much sherry. He got all up close and personal with her, saying, "You have the aura of election upon you." (What the?) As Wolf explained it, "the next thing I knew, his heavy, boneless hand was hot on my thigh." It wasn't until 20 years later that she wrote the tell-all article about the violation.

In Wolf's opinion, the big deal wasn't so much that Bloom made a pass at her. It was that Yale didn't get as riled up as it should have, acting as though Bloom was above it.

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