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Jean-Paul Sartre - Couples United Against Institutional, State-Sponsored Religiously Based Commitment

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Couples United Against Institutional, State-Sponsored Religiously Based Commitment

a.k.a. Marriage Haters. This group was founded in the spirit of Sartre and Simone's pact forged in 1929. CUAIARBC believes in breaking from accepted norms, above all in relationships. CUAIARBC advocated that women and men are equally free to have torrid affairs with just about anyone they want. Oh, and they abide by a dictum of "transparency" (and here's the hard part): couples in this group can never lie to each other the way married couples do. Love it or leave it.

Simone de Beauvoir and Sartre

Co-presidents and Sole Members

Strangely, these two could never recruit other members even when they offered incentives like "makeout miles." But S&S still hold meetings and discuss the charter constantly, and we mean constantly. They're supposedly equals, but JP has had a lot more affairs than she did. And whenever she brings this up, he threatens to dissolve the group on the spot, the big baby). She knows he's just messing with her, so Simone upholds the values of the group even though she gets crazy jealous sometimes. But she keep all of that on the down low, writing all of her feelings down in her journal and making sure that everyone has the impression that she and Sartre are model members of CUAIARBC.

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