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Judith Butler - The Adorno Prize

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The Adorno Prize

I court controversy by stepping out the front door and just being my bad self. For one thing, people are very perturbed that I am not feminine—yes, even in our so-called "post-feminist" world. And there's been some infighting here and there among us queer theorists. But one of the biggest kerfluffles I've been involved in went down when I was awarded the Adorno Prize.

I think people are secretly jealous that I get so much of the spotlight, but they cloaked their envy in a lot of nonsense, saying that an "anti-Israel activist" shouldn't get the prize. They also got into a huge huff that a German organization awarded the prize to a woman who is anti-Israel, accusing the whole award thing of being an anti-Semitic act. Yikes.

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