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Judith Butler - The Drag Queens and Kings

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The Drag Queens and Kings

The Queens and Kings are huge supporters of all things drag. They aim to undermine gender norms at any opportunity and even stage guerilla acts like swapping out the clothing of mannequins in department stores to question the dichotomous models of gender. Or drawing penises on movie posters that feature that typical hyperfeminine overly sexed blonde female. Lately they've taken to switching signs on bathroom doors. Some women get really freaked out by urinals with those little deodorizer cakes—and some men get woozy just seeing the machines for feminine protection. Hilarity ensues.

Judith "Jack" Halberstam


Jack's really spearheaded the group's campaign for gender reassignment of public bathrooms. He has even published on the subject—dubbing it the "bathroom problem." He calls baloney on the idea that society is getting anywhere on the gender issue. His big thing is to ask questions like, what's the big deal if a butch woman wants to take a leak in a public bathroom?

Holly Devor

Charter Member

Holly's book FTM: Female-to-Male Transsexuals in Society was a real game-changer, and she's all about this group's mission.

Riki Anne Wilchins

Guardian of the Blade

Riki keeps a watchful eye on all of the issues around sexuality and sexual surgery. Riki believes that if people want to go under the blade for gender reassignment, the world should let them. If people can get nose jobs at the drop of a hat, why not gender reassignment?

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