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When it comes to Butler's inscrutable writing style, there are some real haters and sort-of appreciators out there. The scholarly journal Philosophy and Literature held a "Bad Writing Contest" and chose Judy as the winner for her "impenetrable" prose. You have to check out the sentence that clinched the prize—it's a real doozy. (Source.)

When Butler won the Theodor W. Adorno prize, some folks in the Jewish community got a wee bit huffy and wanted the award taken back because Judith's an anti-Zionist. (Source.)

Not everyone agrees that gender is socially constructed. Academics like to call it "The Theory Wars", but we think that's just because that makes it sound more high stakes—like something you'd see featured on the 6:00 evening news.

Butler had to put her two cents in on the hullabaloo around the intersex runner Caster Semenya. She just couldn't resist.

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