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Noam Chomsky - Opponents of the American Government's So-Called "War on Drugs"

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Opponents of the American Government's So-Called "War on Drugs"

This group is not what you think. The members don't want to just have rule-free access to drugs; they're just by the arbitrariness of American policy on combating the drug problem. Don't even get these guys started on Nancy Reagan's whole "Just Say NO Campaign."

But here's the group's basic beef: the war on drugs is just another form of class warfare, because the government chooses to go after drugs that're especially associated with the poor.

Oh, and this group is also fed up with the government suggesting that anyone who uses drugs is contributing to terrorism. Isn't that sort of like saying that anyone who drives an SUV is causing the birthrate in Eastern Europe to plummet?

Noam Chomsky

President and Founder
No one else has the rage, motivation, and know-how to really kick up the dust on this subject. Chomsky has granted innumerable interviews on the subject, so he's always happy to set the agenda. He sees messy issues of racism, classism, third-world oppression, and government corruption all over the place. As he said in one interview:

Drug-related crimes, usually pretty trivial ones, are mostly what's filling up the prisons. I haven't seen many bankers or executives of chemical corporations in prison. People in the rich suburbs commit plenty of crimes, but they're not going to prison at anything like the rate of the poor.

A Random Group of Marijuana Dealers

Look, no one here wants to be named, and they may not share a single point of view. But these business people like Chomsky because he feels that marijuana dealers have been particularly singled out over other drug dealers and manufacturers.

They all agree that marijuana isn't as likely to kill you as alcohol and tobacco. So why do Phillip Morris and Popov Vodka get off scot-free? That's big business and big corporate interest, which translate into big taxes and back door deals and candidate support for U.S. politicians. So, yeah, they're not too hot on the "war on drugs."

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