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Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar - Feminists with Abundant Anger

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Feminists with Abundant Anger

Okay, so it's always good to know your enemy. G&G joined this group so they could see how frothing feminists spend their time. Funny thing is, they have a lot of ideas and objectives in common with these women.

But the vibe is so different, they usually leave the meetings dripping with anxiety sweat. The ideological beat down on pro-sex feminists is as exhausting as a three-hour Pilates session for these two. They will never get over the group's giant poster of the very conservative Phyllis Schlafly. The poster has a quote from her that reads: The feminist movement is just not compatible with happiness. They are not for equality; they want to kill everything masculine. They still haven't figured out if the FwAA are being ironic by displaying the poster so prominently, or what's going on there.

Andrea Dworkin, Co-President

Andrea keeps it real. Just in case anyone shows a lapse in judgment or seems to be straying from the cause, Andrea is there to rein her back in. And we do mean "her," because there's no way in Hades this group's gonna have a male member.

Most meetings are spent ranting and raving against patriarchal oppression and listening to Andrea read provocative passages from her anti-pornography manifesto, Pornography: Men Possessing Women (1979). According to G&G, it's a little dated now, but the central argument remains relevant: porn is a woman-hating enterprise.

Catharine MacKinnon, Co-President, Resident Attorney

Catharine and Andrea are like the Ethel and Lucy of the anti-porn movement. Catharine's always on panels and at public speaking events fighting the good fight: scaring the bejeezus out of anyone who doesn't fight sexual harassment and porn with venomous, fist-throwing hatred.

There is no case or quibble too small for Catharine. She is the voice of the group, and people can't help but hear her. Rawr.

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