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Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar - Feminists without Anger

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Feminists without Anger

This group gets together to try to bring the heat on the discourse down a few notches. Sometimes things get so ramped up! Feminists accusations and recriminations abound, so FWA is really a group that supports mindful feminism.

We teach members that you don't have to get all agro to make your point. Weekly meetings often include slide shows and off-the-cuff feedback to see how members can manage quick cognitive shifts. So then, the next time they run across a picture of Larry Flynt or Judith Butler, they won't spontaneously combust.

Elaine Showalter, President

Elaine was a natural for this top post. She's just so darn nice. While other academics are beadily eyeing each other's nametags at the MLA, Elaine is passing out hugs like flyers for a new Thai restaurant. She never runs out of positive things to say about fellow feminists across the ideological spectrum.

Toril Moi, Secretary

This appointment was a shocker for everyone, what with the wild rumors circulating about the grudge match between her and G&G. Toril cried essentialism about Elaine's work. And then it was, like, game on.

Extending the olive branch, Elaine asked Toril to be secretary of the organization. Trying not to take the post as an offense, Toril got on board and thought, at the very least, she could infiltrate and stir up a hornet's nest. She thinks feminism without anger is like a Subway sandwich without extra pepperoncini.

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