Study Guide

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Chapter 13

By Sherman Alexie

Chapter 13

My Sister Sends Me An E-mail

  • This chapter contains the text of an email from Junior's sister Mary, who is living in Montana with her new husband.
  • Mary tells Junior that she just rode a horse for the first time, and she's applying for jobs at restaurants on the Flathead reservation.
  • The Flathead rez is big, with six or seven towns—some of them filled with white people. (One of the towns, Polson, tried to secede from the rez.)
  • She tells Junior about her honeymoon at a hotel on Flathead Lake. The room service even had Indian fry bread, so she ordered up two pieces. It was almost as good as Grandma's.
  • She concludes by saying dreams really do come true: she loves her life, she loves her husband, she loves Montana. And she loves Junior.